Référencement métadonnées par PL5


For keywords management, i am a beginner. I used to save my pics in explicit folders and i don’t have millions (i keep only a selection) so i could manage like that.

I have tried to use keywords management.
I have read a lot of threads in this forum, with things to be improved in PL.

I have tried in trials different softwares and was not convinced by the ergonomy, even by Photo Mechanic.
So i tried with Xnview which in my mind, aprt from being free, is quite simple or quick to apply keywords.

The question : if i want PL to be able to search for the KW i have created, how can i make PL to take into account the XMP in its database ?

As an exemple i have tagged pictures of portraits by “portrait” and the “name of the person”. I now want PL5 to be able to find all pictures with the KW “portrait”.
If i open one bu one the folders, PL5 is adding the tags to its database, but i wish i could avoid to open all the folders one by one.

Thanks for your help

You can tell PhotoLab to index without having to open all folders.
Use this button:

Assuming that you have all your photos below one top folder or directory, one click will do.
Be prepared to let PL run for quite a while until the process has ended. Think hour(s) depending on what you’ve got like e.g. number of files, HDD or SSD, processor speed.

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On Win, it shows as “analyser un dossier” in French.

Must admit i didn’t pay attention to it before.