Recreate Picasa Cinematic

I often used Picasa 3’s cinematic mode as a starting point for editing some portraits.
Does anyone familiar with that program have a “recipe” to recreate that in DXO Photolab 6?



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If you’d share at least one pair of images, we could try to recreate the look. Use a sharing service (google, wetransfer, swisstransfer, …) and add a link to those files.

I think you must mean the ‘cinemascope’ option.

I am familiar with Picasa but I have never tried to recreate any of the looks in Picasa in any other photo editor.

@platypus, note I’m not the original poster but here is a suitable pair of images. The file names should make it clear the nature of each image:

In PL5 I can get a starting point for the cinemascope version if this image by cropping the RAW with a 16:9 aspect ratio and then setting the colour balance to PL5’s ‘underwater’ preset:

…I’d try the HSL tool.

  1. reduce saturation of blue hues
  2. shift greens towards red
  3. etc.
  4. create a partial preset (partial presets require the DPL Elite edition)
  5. try on other images and correct if necessary

Update: Here’s an example of how you can do things in HSL. I’e used other tools too, find out which by turning the “Active corrections” switch on (top rh corner, just below the “Presets” button) (3.1 KB)

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Thank you! This is very helpful!

Thank You! I will try this as well.