Recommended laptop for DxO 6

I swapped over to DxO last year after updating my camera. As I used to use a standalone version of Lightroom 6, the new camera wasn’t supported.

I find my current lapptp a little bit lacking in that when I export to PSE 23, PSE closes down. I can open it, and then open the files to do final tweaks, but am thinking of upgrading. If I try to denoise it slows right down …

I could do with more hard drive space as well.

Its HP Pavilion with AMD Ryzen 5 and Radeon graphics. I can’t remember how to find detailed specs!

Anyway, what are recommendations please. I am in NZ, and until now all the laptops I have had have been HP, and I’ve been happy with them.



Is windows a prerequisite? If not, for best bang for your buck I’d say an Apple silicon based MacBook


I’d prefer windows, as that is what I have mainly used, apart from Linux for a while.

From my Googling and reading windows has as much to offer these days …

I don’t disagree, I use Windows extensively though these M1 and M2 processors really do pack a punch.

Some on this forum have recommended gaming spec devices, would something like that be an option or do you have size and weight limits that rule that out?

But above all the budget …

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DxO PhotoLab can profit from a powerful GPU for DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD noise reduction. Usually, gaming notebooks have such GPUs. I’d therefore have a look at HP’s OMEN line of devices. Get as much RAM and drive space (at least 2X current use) as you can afford,

Quite happy with a sturdy machine, in fact would prefer it probably. Also prefer large screen, minimum 15.6, for my ageing eyes. I am somewhat future proofing I suppose.

Have been looking at gaming option specs, although I am not a gamer …


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I’m open to spending a bit more if the specs are right …

Interestingly, this is what I am currently looking at:

I got this MSI Creator Z16 – Tech meets Aesthetic on a special about a year ago and have been extremely happy with it. It has a great screen and a good GPU. Works great with PL6.

EDIT: The screen is 100% P3

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I’m also looking to buy a laptop and I’m looking at the ASUS ProArt StudioBook Pro 16.

This might be future proofing, or over kill?

During the years I’ve visited a friend of mine who owns a Lenovo Thinkpad P and a Legion 5 and I was really impressed by the power with DXO PL5 and Topaz Photo. I will take a closer look and wait for a good offer.

Check the display, can it do sRGB or AdobeRGB, Display-P3…

Crunching numbers is one thing, seeing a decent image might be more important though.

Honestly, for that much money I would look for a 27" quality screen plus a tower – provided you don’t want to move around with your electronics.

Hi @Wolfgang

in Germany similar Notebooks like detected are on a price level like other Notebooks with Nvidia gpus.
The 3500 are in NZD not in Euro :innocent:

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Ok, than that’s a difference!

Yes - other brand laptops with similar specs are actually more expensive here in NZ.

I am uncertain as to what the higher priced one offers, as I don’t entirely understand the specs. But I am assuming a faster, more powerful processor, as well as more powerful graphics card …

Happy to be enlightened!

LOTS of memory and SSD for main drive will help

The CPU. can be of least concern imo.

GPU: Have a look at this: DxO DeepPRIME Processing Times - Google Drive

This post will also give you an idea of how speed relates to power (diminishing returns).