Recent Folders Should Show Full Path

Because I usually open files in DxO by selecting them in Finder and using “Open with…”, I have never before used the File | Recent Folder menu item.

Here is what I found when I tried it :


Since my organisational structure is something like this :


Just having the last folder name in the path is next to useless as I might have opened files from several locations, or several months, with the same day number.

Might I suggest that the items show the full path rather than just the last path component?

Strange, I get the “recent” entries for projects instead of folders…

Another version is mine :grinning:
I see last folders and last search criteriasLast

Same thing for me :frowning:
Already asked but I cannot find the post.

Reinforcing your point, Joanna: In your example, you’ve got 2 x “24” folders and 2 x “02” folders listed - so, without the preceding path details, it’s very difficult to know which is which (unless you can remember which was the last one you used !).


Can I bump this topic please?