Reasons for a nature/landscape photographer to buy Viewpoint?

I’m just wondering if there are any ‘killer’ features for those of us not architectural shots. I’ve downloaded/installed the trial version, but I’m wondering if it adds anything ‘interesting’ to the other sections of PL(?)

It is not only the architecture that can benefit from ViewPoint, all landscapes with buildings, portraits with volume deformation correction …

A complete tour of the possibilities and settings:


I can see how it’d help portraits done too close (although I think we’re all going to come out of this nCov19 thing with a different sense of ‘personal distance’ - so that may be less of an issue in the future).
Guess I’ll bang on the demo for a while, see if there’s anything there I need. I haven’t found anything in the other PL sections.

Make converging trees parallel?

Addendum: I wrote this more as a joke than as a serious question. DPL has tools to force parallels and rectangles, there is no need to get Viewpoint for these functions. VP brings in the four line tool (8-point tool) which I love and the tilt/shift tool (miniature effect tool) which I can gladly live without. Whether you want volume anamorphosis applied to a landscape depends on how wide you shoot and whether you can live with stretched edges or not.

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Yes, but not only. I often take pictures in the forest where, generally, there is no horizon. So sometimes I’m not sure if a given tree is really so wrong (crooked) or not. ViewPoint helps me straighten if I have to.

You can use perspective corrections to make a foreground object “loom” larger. Like the rocks in this shot.




Joanna - this is clever. Never thought about that. Thank you!

No problem. That’s what comes from learning how to use tilt and shift on a large format camera (see my avatar) :sunglasses:

Ditto, Sigi - - That is clever !

Joanna - Did you simply click on the Perspective activation button to achieve that (thereby applying the “magic wand”) ?


… only the Up / Down tilt correction.
I use it everydays :slight_smile: