Really allowing non-destructive editing with DXO plugins


I read with pleasure that the Nik collection has been ransomed by Google: thank you very much for this.

I’ve used the plugins in Lightroom but I find the claim they allow non-destructive editing misleading: after a raw is processed and a tiff is generated, it is not possible to go back to the adjustments and tweak them. It is only possible to save the settings as a preset, but this doesn’t save the control points, only the global settings.

Using Photoshop it is possible to use smart objects, but this a) makes Lightroom really a second-class citizen and b) creates ridiculously huge files whose amount of content would be just representable by a few kb xml file.

There would be several ways to improve this status, but a very simple one would be 1) allowing to open a file from the programs and 2) allowing to save the state in a cabinet file. There may be more refined ways to integrate with Lightroom… but this would make the plugins actually independent and usable in different toolchains.

I wonder if there is any plan to allow tweaking the settings on an image without using Photoshop.

Thank you very much again!

– Daniele