Re-crop from anywhere on visible image without needing find handles first - perhaps Shift or Ctrl crop


Using the Windows version (no knowledge of Mac version):

I want to be able to re-crop without having to see/find handles of previous crop. Especially when crop- reset is performed, which currently sets crop to whole image and the only way to apply a new crop is to zoom out to find handles.

Holding shift or ctrl then cropping using normal tool from anywhere on screen would be a good solution from my perspective.

A “crop to visible area” option would be immensely useful too.


I voted for this :slightly_smiling_face:

With the Mac version, all you need to do is to start dragging a rectangle from anywhere. @StevenL is this another Mac/Win difference?

Unfortunately yes. This is one of those differences…Thanks for pointing it out.

On Win, PL4. I can do it.
Only with preserve aspect ratio.


Any thoughts on when we will start to see some of these differences addressed?


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