Raw support for Mavic 3 Tele lens

DJI have just added RAW to the separate Tele lens in the Mavic 3 in the latest .700 firmware update today.
Please DXO can you also add support for this lens? Many thanks!

I join the request.

There is a dedicated page to request a lens: DxO Supported Cameras & Lenses

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The Tele lens is not listed in the suggestion page.

I third this request!!

Raw support for Mavic 3 Tele lens is a huge deal for the Mavic 3.

RAW support will be immense benefit to Mavic 3 community.

It appears that dxo have added support for the tele lens in the latest update! The tele DNG’s load now, and the lens is reported as ‘FC4170’. Thank you DXO!!

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