Raw format is not supported

I am using the Samsung S 21 Ultra 5g with Android 12 and UI 4.0 and the new Samsung Raw app camera.

When I try to open an image taken in dng format in Photolab, I get the message “This image cannot be developed because it is an unsupported raw format”.

When can we expect a module for this?

Wole, you can suggest a new camera to be supported here.

Meanwhile, can your Samsung produce a DNG file ? … PL will read that (but still cannot provide specific lens corrections for your device, until it’s supported).

John M

I’m also waiting for DXO to support Samsung RAW-files (e.g. Samsung S22 Ultra). I’ve been using DXO almost since the start of this company. But it will be decisive whether DXO manages to follow the trend that the majority of fotos are now take by smartphones and that high quality smartphones are an alternative now even for experts. If DXO is not willing or maybe not capable of serving the new demand I would have to opt for another program.

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same here +1

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Samsung S22 Ultra also have a same problem. i cant import my dng files to DxO PureRAW 2 or DxO PhotoLab 5.1.4

Since nothing has happened yet, I have now written to D x O directly again. It is incomprehensible to me that the Camera Raw format is not supported by Samsung when it comes to the distribution of cell phones.