RAW Conversion produced a black/blank image

Evening, I downloaded your trial version the other day and have been testing it out. On a number of images it works fine. On other images, I’m finding that it has problems for no apparent reasons - specifically creating a black/blank image that is always about 14.6MB rather than the usual ~92MB.

I’m shooting with a Pentax K1 version 1 (original version), with several lenses (DFA 15-30/f2.8) that downloads the body/image configuration file. The other lens I’ve been testing it with is the Zeiss 25/f2.8 ZK - (provides no lens ID in the EXIF metadata) which does not download a configuration file. Note, the Pentax K1 is able to produce two types of raw files (PEF and DNG). I am using the Pentax produced DNG file type for my raw format.

Instance 1 - K1 / Zeiss 25/f2.8 - first attempt produced a blank file. Closed DXO Raw and restarted it again, second attempt

Instance 2 - K1 / FDA 15-30/f2.8 - 6 attempts produced 5 black/blank files, each ~14MB large. Out of 2 different files, I finally had one process with results.

System - HP ENVY 15.6" Laptop - 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10750H 6 cores - 32GB Ram - 1TB SSD - GeForce RTX 2060 6GB - 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) - Windows 10 Professional

I’m attaching 2 files - the original DNG and the failed DXO DNG conversion - Well, I tried to upload and your system will not let me up load the original nor the failed conversion, since I’m a new user. I would suggest that you remedy the problem so that potential customers are able to provide you with the information you are going to need, to fix the problem.

Thanks, Gordon

Hi, Gordon. It’s good that you’re reporting this problem. Please be advised that service from DxO on this forum is limited. Dependable tech support is available through support.dxo.com. After creating a support ticket, large test files can be uploaded at upload.dxo.com and linked with your support ticket. I hope that helps.

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Evening Greg, Thanks for the heads up! I shoot Milky Way landscapes - obviously in the dead of night with no moon, so my foregrounds tend to be a bit noisy even with low ISOs and long exposures. The K1 uses the same sensor as the D800/D810 and suffers from the same white dot impact noise - that no other utility really handles well (Raw Therpee and Camera 1 do a good job - but have other failings for me). DXO does a really nice job of cleaning up the problem - while retaining my workflow.

I understand a new product introductions all too well - and would certainly like to see the infant mortality problems fade away quickly. I’ll go over to their support.dxo.com and post.

Thanks!! Gordon