Rating not updating

I rate my files in a DAM and then go to PL5 for processing. What I find is that those ratings do not show up in PL5 automatically. For that matter metadata doesn’t either. I’m hesitant to turn on Syncronize in preferences after reading the warning. Is there a way to just read metadata automatically when switching to a folder?

This is Macbook Pro Monterey 12.2 and PL5.1.1

If you change metadata outside of DPL and have set DPL to not automatically synchronise .xmp metadata, DPL will not read the sidecar again, unless you use the respective menu item.

Considering the current state of DPL5’s metadata handling, I’d not set it to sync the .xmp sidecars automatically, specially if you use a separate DAM.

Thanks, you’ve confirmed my concerns about auto syncing so that leaves only manual import of metadata. Seems odd PL5 could mess up a standard like .xmp sidecars.

It is less a standard than it should be.