Rating -1 "rejected" not supported?


can anybody confirm that XMP Rating -1 aka “rejected” is not supported by Photolab?

Any reason why?


Care to provide more detail about your question?

Applications you are sharing metadata with
Using sidecar?

Steps to reproduce the behavior?

Rick, what is the intention of your questions?

My system is windows, the rest is irrelevant or trivial.

Feed Photolab with any image (jpeg or raw, with or without sidecar) with a rating (XMP:Rating) of -1 and tell me whether Photolab indicates the -1 rating.


BTW: xmp:Rating is described in ISO 16684-1:2011 as follows:

A user-assigned rating for this file. The value shall be -1 or in the range
[0…5], where -1 indicates “rejected” and 0 indicates “unrated”. If xmp:Rating
is not present, a value of 0 should be assumed.
NOTE Anticipated usage is for a typical “star rating” UI, with the addition of
a notion of rejection.

Don’t know about earlier versions of this standard

For the moment the xmp rating by sidecars is not supported by PhotoLab.
But with DAM evolutions it will surely come.


I’m afraid that’s not correct:

DxO Photolab reads XMP:Rating (also known as “star rating”) from XMP sidecars as well as from image files directly.

It “just” doesn’t seem to fully support the standard: Photolab shows ratings 0…5 but doesn’t support the value -1 which is defined as “rejected” (see my previous posting).

And Photolab doesn’t write back the rating to the source file but only to exported files. That’s good.

BTW: Imported ratings are indicated by yellow stars in Photolab, ratings set in Photolab get white stars. But that’s not the point of this thread, it’s just about rating -1 aka rejected.

That’s off-topic, but if you want write back of a rating to the source file (pair), consider that you set ratings for the exported files, which may be a 1:n relation to source files if you use virtual copies.

Rating the source file is a different thing.

What do you want to write back to the source file if you have two virtual copies with different ratings?

And yes, there are situations where you want to export two different images from one source file, for example using different crop areas. One of them might be ugly but needed to show a certain detail.


Ooops A little confusion on my part :flushed:
I use differents versions of DPL.

I don’t knew the effect of the value -1.
Why do you want to import in DPL a “rejected” image by your DAM ?


What do you mean by “import”?

I have a bunch of raw files in a directory to be processed.

I point Photolab to this directory.

I want to see the information about the “rejected” status in Photolab.