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Did this work as upload to forum with relevant DXO data please it is just a practice upload to see if i can do it and attach the sidecar info. Im a learner.

If successful you guys can open images on your DXO PL regardless of version?

IMG_3360.CR3.dop (15.4 KB)

Unfortunately, you have sent the DOP file twice :nerd_face:

That’s still the DOP file that only contains the adjustments. You need to upload the file that ends in CR3, which is the image itself.

231016_untitled shoot_01.CR3.zip (32.7 MB)

Hi Peter. I’m sorry but that file and the DOP have nothing to do with each other.

When you edit an image in PhotoLab, it generates a DOP sidecar file with the same, including the extension, and adds .dop to it.

If I look into the DOP file that you have posted, it was created for a RAW file called IMG_3360.CR3. But the RAW file that you zipped is called 231016_untitled shoot_01.CR3.

If I rename the RAW file to IMG_3360.CR3, to match the DOP, it certainly looks like you have edited it

Did you rename the RAW file? If so, that breaks the connection between the original RAW file and its DOP sidecar.

I remember being confused about this long, long ago, with PhotoLab version 3. I didn’t know which file was which, and what they did.

Are you using PC or Mac?

After editing, you will see three files, the original image file straight from your camera, and a file that ends in .dop, and if you have edited the image, you may have a new folder “exported images” which will contain your finished image after editing.

You can upload these files to the forum, where all of us can see, and work with, the three files.

If you know how to make a “screen capture”, or just use your mobile phone, you can send us an image of what you are looking at, which may help us understand what you are doing.

Don’t rename any of the files. Leave them alone.

Also, everything gets much easier, and more obvious, after you do this a few times.

Yes, like @Joanna, I had to rename your (unzipped) file to IMG_3360.CR3 and then I was able to open it.

You noticed that you need to compress *.CR3 files for upload.

And if you want to rename a pic, do so only in the active PL. Then things will be registered properly.

Interpreting the question literally, the answer would be that, yes, we can open images in any version of PhotoLab supporting the gear that was used to take the photo. So, this yes is a conditional yes. Early gear is supported in more versions of DPL, newer gear might only be supported in a current version of the app - or not at all, if DxO has not had the chance yet to test and analyse that new gear.

For .dop files, there is a simple rule: .

  • dop files written by older versions of DPL are read and understood by newer versions of DPL.
  • dop files written by newer versions of DPL are ignored by older versions of DPL.

The only way to work around this backwards incompatibility or using different versions of DPL at any one time is through extra manual effort.

still learning hopefully get it soon so i can interact in a intelligent way with all posters on forum

thanks for help and tolerance

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Keep trying. Maybe there is something about this that you are misunderstanding. Ask questions.


Another consideration is whether or not your camera and lenses are supported by PhotoLab. For example, I still have my Leica M8.2 camera, but PhotoLab won’t open them, because it doesn’t support that old camera.

(Of course, I can cheat, and rename the EXIF data so Photolab thinks the image was taken with a Leica M10.)

Most of my current camera gear is supported by PhotoLab, but I’ve got lots of old cameras that PhotoLab won’t accept.

If you post a RAW or TIFF or jpg file here, all of us, even those who shoot with a Fuji sensor, should be able to open it. PhotoLab now accepts those Fuji files, as far as I know.

…and that is quite alright. As @mwsilvers wrote, asking questions is the best way to go, and if you add an example image, be sure to also add the associated .dop file. Both files should have the same name left of the type designator, E.g. sample_001.CR3 and sample_001.CR3.dop

It’s also a good idea to check the user manual, it can be accessed through the hep menu of PhotoLab or through here: PhotoLab – DxO PhotoLab

Some of PhotoLab’s tools can adjust themselves to your image. The corresponding sliders then show a “magic wand” like shown below.
Bildschirm 2024-06-19 um 08.27.57
Click on that wand to toggle the respective automatic correction off or on.

Not that automatic settings can work well on some images, but can also give mixed results with other images.