Random artifacts on export that do not appear in RAW.

This is new since updating to version 6.9 - strange “artifacts” all over on an export render. little blobules of blurry “spots” that look like most UFO “pictures” ever taken, but I assure you, there was nothing in the sky, and the RAWs contain nothing that would cause this.

Could you circle the artifacts to which you are referring? Would you be willing to upload your raw file and .dop file so we can review it?


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Please also state which OS you run PhotoLab on. Other than that, I see no UFO s in your screen capture. No gnomes in the hills either :wink:

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Do you mean, for example, the tiny white spot I can see when I look at the red area of the clouds at max. magnification allowed by the forum software?:

Downloaded the screen capture and checked it at >100%.
Loads of stuff, sort of, maybe jpeg artefacts?

@AllanM, do you get these artefacts when you export as TIFF?

I would guess those are originally spots/dirt on the sensor which then are made visible in the jpegs.
Shot with a very small aperture?
Other shots from same time and with a small aperture would show the same.
Do have a raw shot around the same time but wide open?

Unfortunately it is still all guesswork until we have access to the original raw file, and .dop, and @AllanM points out the specific areas in the image that are concerning him.


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