Radial pattern in fuji raw files with clearview at long exposures

When I edit fuji raw files and turn on clearview a radial pattern apears in the sky (I guess low contrast areas). Mainly in the highlights. As far as I can see the effect is strongest on the edge of the image and slowly degrades towards the centre. It happens on two different camera’s (xt20 en xt3) with different lenses. As far I can tell it mainly happens on long exposures (> 10 seconds). The effects with the camera jpg’s are barely visisble. When I use clearview heavily the pattern becomes more visible.

Any idea how this can happen?

I have added a heavily processed image as an example.

DSCF1262.RAF (19,9 MB)

Hi Jarren. Can you post the RAW file for us to examine? Someone here may be able to determine the cause and cure.

Good point. I added the raw file.

Great. I’ll take a look at it.

Hello Jarren,
with default settings in Clearview I do not see this pattern. I can replicate it though when I pump up
contrast, fine contrast and microcontrast and Clearview Intensity to 100.

Maybe someone from DXO has an idea why this is happening.


Yes, visible with pumping up contrast, microcontrast and such in PL5.

  • I tried a ‘flat’ file (–> DxO Standard preset) and exported to Nik Collection → SEP3 / CEP4.
    when enhancing contrast with DetailExtractor …
    – banding.

  • Went back to PL5 (–> No correction preset) and repeated with the aforesaid Nik filter
    – no banding.

  • Now I set PL5 to (–> Optical corrections only), pumped up contrast, microcontrast and such so that the banding gets visible, and then switched off the optical corrections one after the other
    – playing with the Vignetting correction causes different stages of banding.

@Jarren – maybe you contact DxO and give them more information to find out, if there is an interaction with the sensor or the lens.

Maybe it’s the Vignette correction, see

The pattern is clearly visible on the RAF in PL5. I exported as DNG and as JPG and the pattern is clearly visible on these files in PL5. However, the pattern in NOT visible on the RAF in other photo-viewers, but is visible on the two exported files in the other photo-viewers.

Thus I can conclude that this pattern is being caused by PL5 and I suggest that you submit a support ticket to support.dxo.com

Good catch by @LexB It is definitely the Auto-Vignetting correction causing the problem. Interestingly, you can turn off Auto-vignetting and correct manually and the pattern disappears. This is a workaround and you should still report the issue.

Thanks for looking into it. I will make a ticket.

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@rrblint, I can confirm that manual correcting the Vignette doesn’t show the circular banding. And as @sgospodarenko said in Vignetting filter causing banding - #29 by sgospodarenko, it’s definitely a bug.

This problem exits for a longer period and is still not solved :disappointed:.

The difference between manual and auto correction of the Vignette is that auto uses the optical modules. And these modules should be one of the unique selling points of DXO Photolab. So I think that solving this bug should be one with high priority.

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I contacted DxO. I also linked to the vignetting filter topic. Thanks for the help.

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