Radial Filter to dodge and burn

I just installed PL3, really nice.
Can we have a radial filter like lightroom we clic and drag and rotate to add exposure, clarity, warmth,…
I agree it looks like a upoint but it is not circular but elliptical.

it would be nice to add color/luminance range mask on all graduated filter to better select tones and protect shadows or highlight

PL3 seems not having zone system like lightroom or other software

best regards

Hello Marc,

Thank you for the suggestions but both of them already exist among the feature requests. So I’d recommend you to find them and vote in order to push them for the implementation.

Svetlana G.


Hi Marc,

What difference would there be if the tool was elliptical ?

John M

That is way more convenient for operating on an elongated / narrow area. In Photolab, you have to align (and to laboriously “overlap”) many small circular filters. Note that the tool in Lightroom is deformable, and thus is circular or elliptical at will …

OK, thanks for the elaboration.

I was, in part, just checking you understand that U-points self-modify to affect “attributes” of the area to which they are applied - - so, they are not actually circular at all, strictly speaking.

Regards, John M