Radial filter-An implementation option

I know, Radial filter is mostly requested. The most feature I am still waiting for is an easy Dodge and Burn.
If you can’t use this idea legally, I would suggest an idea how to implement it.
The brush tool has feathering slider. Which gives you the ability to get gradient effect outside of the brush area.
Now, if we will extend this slider to the left, we will get a slider which in the middle there is the “zero point”. Moving from the zero to the right, it will work the same as the feathering today.
Moving from the zero to the left, it will create gradient inside the brush, up to the center. The More you move to the left, the more strong the gradient slope will be. I.e. the gradient could vary from 100% to 80% or 100% to 0% as per how much the slider is to the left.
Hope I made myself clear .

I use the local adjustments brush tool, varying the feathering. This allows me to create any shaped “radial” filter I want. This technique also allows for selective dodging and burning.

It’s not the same as Radial filter.
TODAY the brush tool, at any size of the brush, there’s 100% (no gradient inside)
The feathering is only gradient outside of the brush.
Who ever is familiar with the Radial filter, is frustrated that there’s no such tool in PL.


Actually, Using the Flow in the brush tool (40%) gave me much better control.
As for now, I can manage with Dodge and Burn with this feature.
But still I miss the Radial filter which let me select nerrow and long mask (elipse) wich now it it frustrating to accomplish

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