Quicker and simpler comparison of preset effects

Existing problem:
Comparing the effect of different presets is awkward and the examples in the selector screen are small. These are the steps: Click “Preset” < Select a preset < view effect of preset on image < remember effect of preset on image < repeat for each preset.

Proposed solution:
A shortcut that would cycle through the presets, perhaps with an option to select only a particular group of presets. The cycling should be full screen.

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I would like presets and filters to be reflected on the main image when one does a mouse over. Like Lr and C1 and others.

It’s a good point, relevant to all existing versions of PhotoLab. Why not make this a public feature request so that everyone can vote?


Other than re-entering in the public form, is there a way to transfer this post?

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Svetlana G.

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May I add that one can’t see what preset has been used. When I change the preset in preferences, this has no influence on the already existing images. Only on new images. A reset doesn’t change the used preset.
So before comparing I would like to know what has been used on that particular image.


Yes, that’s true. Sometimes I try out a preset, watch the result, go back to the presets to select the next one and so on. But I never can see, which one was the last used one and I always have to start at the beginning. It would be nice if I could return to the same position in the list of all presets and see the last used one (for this image) marked.

Have you installed Mark Silvers preset additions?

Joanna, whom do you ask?
(I have. All available presets)

Just download the zip file from that linked post and follow the installation instructions


Thank you for mentioning my FilmPack presets. However, I believe this request is about modifying the entire Photolab preset preview process to make it more feature rich and user-friendly. You may be confusing the intent of this thread with a different recent one where someone asked about Filmpack presets.


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