Quick questions in regards to upgrading


Total noob here to DXO. I’ve been using NikSoftware for almost 20 years now and the last version that I’d been using was the free version by Google (I had actually purchased a license through Google when they were charging) but in any case, I was wondering since I updated my MacOS to Big Sur and it’s not longer working anymore if there would be an update to the version that I am currently using to work with Big Sur, or if I’d have to upgrade to NikSoftware 3. And if I have to upgrade to version 3, if my purchase counts as an upgrade for 59.99 or do I have to pay for the full price?


The king is dead, long live the king!

And yes, you’ll have to pay for the current version. Check out the holiday discounts.

Version 3.3 of the Nik Collection as provided by DxO runs on Big Sur.

Dear @plee,

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I’ve used the free Nik collection till november, but then I decided to buy the new one with one of the sales actions.

It was a good decision and i enjoy working every day.

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Hi Plee, get on the boat and have fun.