Question: regarding the original raw file

Hello, I have not had any success in searching for the knowledge about non-destructive editing of the original raw image. Are my originals safe or must I use copies in a special work folder?

Thank You I just purchased PL4

Your raw files are save - DXO will not touch them. All the adjustements you make are receipies which are applied at export only.


You will notice there is no save command or button. No edits to raw files, DNG, jpeg, or tiff files are ever saved to the original files in PhotoLab. They are overlay instructions that are stored in PhotoLab’s database and/or the .dop sidecar files. Raw files are never updated, but you can export burned in edits to jpeg, tiff and DNG output files.



Hello @Cassidy and welcome to the forum,

Guys are absolutely correct - we never change/modify your RAW files (all the corrections you apply are stored in the database or sidecars (.dop file beside the image) or both). When you process the image to tiff, jpg or dng format -> they will be created beside your raw original.

Svetlana G.

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Thank You I’m glad to hear my originals are safe

This is really interesting, I have much to learn. The tutorials are very informative I have found.
Thank You for your help

Thank You, I’m use to my very old copies of Photoshop & lightroom. I’m very glad to hear the “processing” is only applied at the time of export. Thus my many thousands of raw files are safe.

Thanks Again I’m returning to the tutorials page again today to learn more. . .

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I can highly recommend to read the manual - all in there.

Oh I will for sure, front to back. At this point I’m attempting to review as many tutorials as possible to get some idea of the programs full capabilities. Hopefully then if I have a question I can go to the manual to read up on whatever the topic is.

Is the online manual the only reference? I was unable to locate a manual file in the directories.

Thank You