Question re posters to this forum

Just curious;

I’m noticing postings to this forum from people - who do not seem to have been invited as beta-testers - asking general questions about DxO product usage.

How are they accessing this forum without invitation ?
Should they be referred to the Support/Help-Desk forum for such questions ?

As I say, I’m just curious … John M

Hello John,
Actually they are coming to this Forum from the main DxO page - as now the link Forum redirects them here.
It’s done on purpose as the old forum is going to be closed and they asked such questions there.
But I agree with you we need a separation: a general part which can be accessed by anyone and a Beta-test part available only for Beta users. And it looks like it’s already the case - Dxo-photolab-early-access section can’t be accessed by everyone.

@gpailler could you confirm?

Thank you
Svetlana G.

Thank you for the explanation, Svetlana.

You are welcome!

That is true.
Before discovering this I talked to a participant as if he were a beta tester.

On non EA parts of the forum, you can check if a participant is a beta tester (if you have any doubt) by clicking on his username then checking the associated groups.

Yes, it’s certainly worthwhile knowing who one is “speaking” with … otherwise, we could easily violate our non-disclosure agreement without realising !