Question re Fuji raw rendering with DxO presets

When I got my XT5 I switched to raw. As I bring them into DxO, I see the jpg preview as normal, but when it loads the raw preview, the colors change. I understand that most apps display the raw unprocessed image as expected, but I have both the camera and the Input preset set to Fuji Velvia. Given that, I would expect the rendering to be close if not exactly the same. Am I missing or misunderstanding something. Of course, I can process the image and get the colors back, but as I am happy with the camera preview, that seems like extra work if the preset worked. I could also shoot jpg+raw, but I have about 300Gb in raw files, I hate spending that much more storage space if it can be avoided.

Any suggestions or settings to check? Thanks

There’s really no such thing as a RAW unprocessed image. What you see in the filmstrip (image browser) is a small embedded JPEG/RGB image in the RAW file. When you select it, what’s displayed in the image preview is at first the JPEG, but then changes into a new image rendered from the processed RAW data.

You can tell PhotoLab in the Preferences/General window to automatically apply its own version of the in-camera rendering, such as Fuji Velvia.

I understand that, and that is what I am doing. But, I expect the rendered image to be at least close to the Velvia process done in camera for the preview jpeg. But the colors in the Photolab version are almost the same as the version using the no processing version.

Okay, after a good night’s sleep and another dive through the modules I figured it out. I had the Color Rendering Intensity slider cranked back about half way.

Always user error, isn’t it?

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