Question on Photolibrary

is there a possibilty to find all picture made between ISO 6400 to ISO 25600?

best regards an many thanks to DXO for PL4 at the moment :innocent:

We cannot search on a range of data but just on a value.

Hi Franky,
that’s what I noticed :neutral_face:, but why?
I would like to identify all old photos with high iso values to give them a chance with High prime.
It’s again a missing function within the photolibrary search funktions :roll_eyes:

I don’t know but you can start doing a search with 25600 then go down in step value.

very funny procedure for a simple range search within EXIF data.
I’ve had some different Nikons, Canons and now Olympus…didn’t remember all the exact Iso values
I’m very happy with DXO but photolibrary search and Exif handling :exploding_head:

This conversation interests me. I’ve been a Picasa user for about 15 years. While it’s not considered a pro level editor, it has many very advanced features. I discovered if I search “ISO” I get the following: A tally of every file grouped by iso. Click on a group and every file within that group is displayed.

Here’s a closer look at the search results.


I still use the picassa viewer which remains one of the fastest

Dear @jamhen2,

also great add simple idea …will have it in next minor update of DPL4…with all the other Exif requests we discussed for DPL3 :sunglasses: :pray:

It has already been mentioned here

Dear @Franky,

yes but it was 2019 and we are in the year 2020 with new version.
And I don’t like to use Picassa or any other tool to search for photos and then move between DXO and picassa or any crude workflow.
I don’t nee any photo creating stuff like I have in Affinity, but search for photos is a initial step in Raw developing if we have new or improve special technic like DeepPrime to bring it on old photos.

So if any of the DXO developers seeing this thread…please have sympathy and work on Exif workflows. I still can’t search for manufacturer of camera and/or lenses

Not exactly what you’re asking for, Guenterm, but … for images in the current folder, you can use the Sort function (by ISO speed) to group together high-ISO images.

John M

Dear John,

that’s correct and will be a workaround…thanks…haven’t senn the wood because of the trees :evergreen_tree:

Still hoping for better EXIF support

Enjoy weekend and stay healthy and optimistic

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