Question: How to preserve Lens data (manufacturer / type)

Question: If I export raw files to jpg using PL 3.1, the lens data (manufacturer and model) is lost. Is there an option to preserve the data?

Exiftool output with LR export:

Exiftool output with PL export:

Exiftool also claims “invalid metadata”:

It should not get lost. I am on a Mac and in the export window there is a box called “Remove Exif data”
make sure that this is not ticked

No, the option to remove metadata was not activated. As you can see above, there is metadata, but incomplete.

Is the lens data showing correctly in PhotoLab’s Metadata palette before you export to JPEG?

I have a similar problem with Color Efex Pro 4 stripping the lens info from EXIF. When it saves a TIFF file and I view that in PhotoLab, that info is no longer visible in the Metadata palette or in any further exports. I have a support ticket open, but it hasn’t been updated since September.

Is the lens data showing correctly in PhotoLab’s Metadata palette before you export to JPEG?

Will check that tonight.

What I get on my Mac: Both Lightroom and PhotoLab exports contain lens data. I also see that different exif readers present lens data differently, so I checked with a hex editor, searching for EF24-105 or similar expressions. Here is what I get:

  • Output from PL contains one entry
  • Lightroom output has three entries (the screenshot only shows the first entry)
  • Positions in the files differ too

My conclusion is, that PL writes lens data, but maybe in a position that is not checked by all the apps out there. It would be nice if DxO could make their output more robust (same for all the others out there) :grimacing:

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Looks good:


But the lens data gets lost during export.

Any updates on this topic? Do I have to place a support ticket?

I would create one

Yes, I just did that. Just wonder that no one else came across this :thinking: Is your lens data kept correctly in the jpg output files?


@Marie, please, have a look at this request.

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

Yes it is, Version 3.1.2 on a Mac. Tested for jpg and tiff output.


So this is the difference then - I use Windows 10.

I am used to this (random loss of info), exif reading and writing is different on every rawprocessor.
The info in the exif of rawfile is allot these day’s and proper reading and storing is not yet a standard aperrantly.
I just hoped that when de DAM function evolved in a pasthrough system of exif, keywords and taggs from raw to export file in all metadata, choosen by user, in the jpeg’s file or on xmp-file as sidecar this los of data is history.

Same as EFL and optical FL.

Interesting Issue: PL 3.3.0 Build 4391, Windows 10 Home.
Within PL, all EXIF Raw Lens Data is correctly displayed:

Within PL, after exporting Raw to Jpg, all EXIF Lens Data is also correctly displayed:

Post my exported Jpg to Web Site DPReview and EFIX Data has issues:

If interested, the DPReview URL below; hover over this precious baby bird for the EFIX data:

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Thank you for the report. Let me ask @Marie to investigate.

Svetlana G.


we have a task to investigate what is used by DPreview or Flick and fix this but for now it’s still to be done.


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Hi there,

I just want to add myself to this request as I have a similar problem.

I process raw images from my Panasonic cameras using PhotoLab and upload them to Flickr. All lens information is lost after uploading to Flickr.

This is how the export screen looks in PL3 for Mac:

And here is a link to an example photo uploaded to Flickr:

You can click on the Exif link in Flickr and see that no lens information was preserved.


Hi Marie,
so still no solution for this problem? It is not only Flickr related, but as stated initially, e. g. Exiftool doesn’t show lens data, either. It would really be nice if this could be fixed.

Lens data in ExifTool is contained in the Maker Notes section, Flickr does not read Maker Notes it reads the Exif data only and I think that Maker Notes is where PhotoLab gets its lens info also. The remedy for Flickr is to download the latest ExifTool update and also the ExifToolGui executable and use ExifToolGui to write the Maker Notes lens data to the Exif Lens Model section data. In ExifToolGui have the Filelist showing with the files highlighted then click on the Modify menu then click on the Exif: LensInfo from MakerNotes… selection then the data will be written to the Flickr readable data. Preferably you need to do this before an image is posted to Flickr but you can always re-post to Flickr.