Question for problems with street lights


sometimes on night photos there are street lights/lamps which are to bright, and sometimes have halos like

What’s the best way to handle this. I’ve tried with local adjustment but the results don’t look natural.
Any ideas welcome and if it’s necessary I can also upload the .orf file


Hello Guenter. Yes please upload the ORF file so we can take a shot at it.

Hi Marc,

you will find it here Dropbox - DXO Test - Simplify your life

Thanks in advance


The best answer is to take a spot reading of the light and place that at 2 stops over-exposed, then when you process it, you will have to recover the shadow detail.

Or clean the lens more often? :wink: :laughing:

Hi Joanna,
the first one I know and the most time I follow this, but the situation surprised me, because that was the first silent outdoor disco I saw, and I forgot all I’ve learned :grinning:

The second one I’ve never heard before :rofl:

Enjoy weekend and don’t drink and dive or was it drive :innocent:

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Well, I had a go at your image…

The key was additional control points, on the same mask, to include the lower luminosity around the edges of the lamp.

Here’s my DOP file

_9110107.ORF.dop (8,7 Ko)

And here’s an exported jpeg


Dear Joanna,

thanks for the brainwork, and as I see this info was also helpful for others

Many kind regards from Germany


Hi Guenter. Using a technique similar to Joanna’s, this is what I came up with:

Here is the corresponding DOP file:

_9110107_DxO.dng.dop (10.8 KB)

I find that with DXO one is forced to use more control points because its selection isn’t as well defined as what I was used to in Capture NX2 (where Control points were born). In DXO the selection radiates too much from the middle of the control point and too little according to what it is placed on. To get some control over the selection you then often have to place multiple control points and the negatives. Even then it seldom works as well as it was in Capture NX2.
Here is a comparison I posted some time ago. Dunno if its changed since v4.

Actually, I believe control points were “born” in the original version of the Nik Collection by Nik Software.


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Sorry, you’re right, except that Capture NX was by Nik Software.

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