Question for Printing without Softproof

my last photos I’ve ordered from my printing studio all are too dark. At my calibrated Dell U2413 all looks fine, and I tested it also with an other monitor and my tablet. After calling the studio they told me that they use a new printer and paper and we arranged that they will print the photos again.
Because there is no possibility to make a Softproof in DPL I checked it with Lightroom where i have Softproof function (but I will leave LR in the future).

Q1-Will there be a Softproof function in DPL or
Q2- Can I solve such problems inside DPL in any other way

I know the settings in Preferences- Profile and the possibility to assign profile within the print menu when printing with my own printer, but that’s not my problem.

Lot of my photos are like this and with printing it a little bit darker you will have loss in details for example in the bottom, right corner.

Any ideas welcome

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What luminosity (cd/m²) have you set your monitor to?

Dear Joanna,

I’ve calibrated with DisplayCal, Argyll CMS and Spyder pro 5 to 120cd.

That was the recommendation from the Argyl website



Well, unfortunately, there’s your problem. 120cd/m² is far too bright - you need to be looking at using 80cd/m². Don’t forget, you’re trying to match a light-emitting source (monitor) to a light-reflecting destination (paper). When you first see the screen set to 80, you will undoubtedly think I am wrong, because it will look so dull compared with what it was but, when you get your prints back from the studio, you will see the difference it makes. (you may have to apologise to the studio, it wasn’t their fault :wink:)

I’m sorry but, with years of experience in this, they are just plain wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dear Joanna,
thanks for the information…I will give the 80’s a chance :innocent:

But one question is still left. All the last years I use the same Monitor, the same 120’s and the same studio an all was ok. What is with the new printer and paper they use since 4 weeks.

Thanks a lot and stay healthy

Lot of greetings from germany


I can only guess that they haven’t created a correct profile for the new printer and paper. I have known some printing firms to make a test print and then adjust the image to look better on the printer driver, rather than creating a proper profile for each paper/ink combination. Once they’ve got it about right, then all they do is apply the same correction on subsequent jobs.

Dear @Joanna ,

yesterday evening I calibrated wit 80cd/m² and the screen was darker (what was expected), the photo itself shows all the details I wish to have, but wasn’t in the complained print.
And now :trumpet: :trumpet: I talked to Matthias (staff of the studio) an he told me what you have supposed…They forgot to implement the profiles :scream:.
I will get the new prints in a few days, and you Joanna are the :princess: of the week for printing themes :grin:

Enjoy rest of the week