Question for HSL Wheel

Hi all,

I’ve a little question for using the HSL Wheel. Is it possible to replace a neutral grey with an other colour.
I know how to use the wheel to change colours, but how to make with the grey. in my sample I’ve marked the area representing grey with a red square.

Thanks a lot

Not sure you can, same with white areas as there is nowhere on the colour wheel for you to identify grey or white as a separate colour channel.

I would like to be wrong though!

Unfortunately, I think you can’t.

The color wheel selection is based on hue. You select an range of hue, with some feathering to keep transitions smooth.
You can’t sélect the background based on hue.

Another problem you would run into with your image is the background blur. It makes color replacements a bit more complex, to keep smooth transition and not to have strange hue shift in these transitions zones…

Hello and thanks for explaining…so I do with Affinity

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