Question for DPL5, FP5 and VP3

as I don’t work much with Filmpack at the moment, I can’t say whether the theme is already in focus or not.
I have installed DPL 5.1.2, FP5 and VP3. Why do I see entries in the palettes that actually belong to FP6. As I don’t have access to my Windows computer every day at the moment, I can’t say whether this is only a MAC problem or not.

Actually, the entry Time Machine could be deactivated, since I don’t have FP6?
That would be a relatively simple If not exist regkey ??? …hide Time Machine

have fun

Make it a feature request an you’ll have my vote…

If you were to make an FR for every error you discover, DXO’s payroll would have to be expanded. :innocent:

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Hahahaha, clever marketing. “bother the user with areas he has no access to and he will first try to switch them off, but later on yield to temptation”. You never know when you need to perform a time warp. :grin:

And what is DOL5?

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DOL, from “dolor” = grief, pain…?

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I was afraid it could be Dol Guldur :scream:

nono, Dol Guldur is DOL6

my bad, always confusing Amrôth (5) with Guldur (6)

I’m glad I brought so much fun into your lives with a little spelling mistake. :rofl:

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