Question for Canon owners

I have been using Photolab 5 for processing my CR2 and CR3 images. Is there something that Canon’s Digital Photo Pro (DPP) offers that Photolab does not? Should I just uninstall DPP ?

DPP supports HEVC, HEIC and the small RAW formats. It also offers better printing in combination with Canon printing HW and SW as well as integration with iPad, original lens modules, Canon Picture Styles and more. PhotoLab has more features indeed…and a price that is infinitely higher than DPP’s.

If you have room on your computer, keep it installed. I find that I use if from time to time–though I can’t remember why at the moment!

Digital Photo Pro can automatically do focus stacking. It’s excellent and very effective for landscape, macro or other photos. Definitely worth keeping for focus stacking.


It can also view/extract individual frames from RAW Burst Mode files.

I agree, I process my raw stacked files in PL6, export them as tiffs then stack them using DPP. I really like the ability it has to edit the stack.

So long since I cracked open Canon’s offering that I didn’t realise it did focus stacking!