Question about processing files

I am new to PureRAW. I use a Mac. I know that Pure RAW is for Raw files. While watching some YouTube Videos they said that PureRAW will not work on files which have already been converted.


  1. HDR
  2. Stacking Milky Way Photos
  3. Panoramas
  4. HDR Panoramas

When I try to create a final image from one of the 4 interests listed above should I run the PureRAW program first? If I am stacking Milky Way images… I will take about 20 images and then try to run them thru Starry Landscape Stacker to get a final image. I will probably make a tif or dng file. Although this program removes some noise…will PureRAW best be used before I process these images or after?

Same for the HDR. I usually shoot 5 images at + or - 1 for each frame. Do I run PureRAW before or after I turn the final image to an HDR image

PureRAW will not work with linear DNG files - only on undemosaicked raw files ( original from camera or converted - w/o demosaick - DNG files ) … PS: as far as I remember converted undemosaicked DNGs also shall not be lossy compressed

so you run DxO software first