Question about greyed out palette items in trial version


I just downloaded DxO PhotoLab 4 to experiment with. I’m definitely intrigued by the tool but I can’t help but notice a lot of stuff is greyed out and un-selectable. Quick sample: “DxO PL Elite” - Moiré and the “Prime” and “DeepPrime” options in “DxO Denoising Technologies”.

Are these disabled because I’m using the trial version, or am I just an goof who doesn’t understand the tool yet?

Welcome to the forum. You posted in the new feature request section, but hopefully a moderator will move the question.

The options you mentioned and some more work only on raw files, not on JPG or TIFF. So you have to set your camera to raw output to make full use of DxO PhotoLab and the capabilities of your camera.


As Christian pointed out, although Photolab processes JPEGs and TIFFs, it is a raw converter/processor. As a result, there are several features that only work with raw files. PRIME and DeepPRIME are among them. I assume the images you were attempting to process were not raw files.


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I changed the topic category so it’s in the right part of the forum. Welcome, @porkchop_d_clown! Enjoy the trial and please keep sharing your questions and experiences!


Thanks for all the replies. Yeah - I didn’t catch that it was primarily a raw-processing tool.

Thanks for the heads up!

The overwhelming majority of PhotoLab’s features work on JPEGs, TIFFs and DNGs a well as native raw files.