Query on EOS R6 Mark II

I search through the supported bodies, and the EOS R6 Mark II was not listed inside. When will the support be added? I am using DXO photolab 6 Elite. Thanks.

Hello, Canon R6 Mark II will be supported in January.


Hi, Thanks for the reply. Will viewpoint 3 support the R6 Mark II too?

If you mean the stand-alone version of Viewpoint then it will support the Canon R6 Mark II now since Viewpoint, regardless of version, only supports jpeg and tiff files. If instead, you mean the version of Viewpoint embedded in PhotoLab, then it will support Canon R6 Mark II raw files when PhotoLab is updated with that support.


When will Canon R6 Mark II files be compatibility with Pro Raw 2?

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Cameras which are supported by one application will also be compatible with the other.
However, support for specific equipment may be introduced to one DxO application a few days or weeks before it is added to the other.

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