Quelle interpolation privilégier pour le format jpg?

J’ai cherché sans trouver des precisions sur les 3 modes proposés en export jpg :

  • bilineaire,
  • bicubique
  • ou bicubique plus net

Qui pourrait me dire celle a privilegier en fonction du type d’export ?

There is some information here:

Hi Amigues. If you are changing the image dimensions during export, via the “Allow image resampling” then you will need to use one of the Interpolation algorithms … and the option to choose “Auto” is no longer available (that was in an earlier version of PhotoLab).

  • Bilinear / bilineaire is the fastest option - but not by much, and the results are not as good as Bicubic

  • Bicubic / bicubique is a better option (tho, slightly slower than bilinear)

  • Bicubic sharper / bicubique plus net applies some sharpening to the exported image.

I recommend Bicubic or Bicubic sharper as the best options - - and suggest you compare exports from a number of images with both these methods to see which result you prefer.

Regards - John M

Merci de vos réponses

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