Quality of support for PR2

Maybe I am doing something wrong. But in the manual I read:
That most Lr settings applied to a photo, will be carried over to a subsequently processing DNG result file.
This does not happen. Worse, if I copy the settings manually, the DNG files seems not to get updated and seems to be LOADING indefinitely.
However, I am now even more confused after the tech consultant wrote to me:
Thank you for the workflow. Please note that you cannot make any edits or changes to any of your camera files prior to their use in DxO PureRAW. The code in PureRAW 2 is extremely precise, and any changes will reduce the compatibility of your photo files with PureRAW. The only files that can be used in PureRAW are the original and unchanged files created by your camera. The use of another workflow will result in unexpected and unsupported issues in the program.

Greetings! Can you say where in the PureRAW manual you are reading this? I’m trying to understand the problem you’re describing. As DxO support said, PureRAW takes as input only the original RAW file from the camera. But PureRAW can be called from within Lightroom, so that Lr can be used for additional processing before final export. Were you trying to pass a DNG with adjustments made by Lr into PureRAW as input?

maybe check → Using the new LR CC plugin - #2 by StevenL, if that helps

(no PureRaw user-- old LR)

Hello Greg, many thanks for your reaction, Have a look at the screenshot.

Yes I pass original raw file (NEF) to PR2 (used as plugin). Adjustments in Lr do not affect the original files as far as I know. DXO support seem perhaps not to know that.

According to text in the screenshot below, edits to raw are preserved and applied to DNG after PR2 has done its job.

What am I missing ?

…which would make no sense imo, specially for local adjustments of a heavily (un) distorted image. I’d say that settings can be copied over manually, but I see no automatic action, which is what I like.

FLTR: Original shot / modified virtual copy / DPR output file.

I don’t think that’s what the manual is saying. There is no mention of a DNG file here. What I believe the manual is saying is that if you have a RAW image that is loaded into Lr and is then edited before Lr calls PureRAW, PR will receive the original RAW image, process it, and pass that to Lr which will now apply the edits already made in Lr to what PR has passed along (the image, not the file). Any files written by PR will only have PR changes. Any files subsequently exported by Lr will have all changes. Am I understanding correctly?

Thank you Greg. I think maybe you miss one point.
In my case images are passed to PR2 as NEF files and returned by PR2 to Lr as DNG files.
These DNG file are stored in a subdirectory of the Lr source folder, and after PR2 processing automatically imported into Lr.
Adjustments are NOT applied to the DNG file, whereas this is expected.
The Screenshot even explicitly states that this should happen with the exception of earlier sharpness and lens adjustments in Lr, because that would double up the corrections that PR2 has applied and stored in the DNG file.

This is starting to sound like a Lr problem. What version of Lr are you using? Is it up-to-date?

Yes i have the latest version. I use Lr since the first edition and never had an issue.
No disrespect, but it sounds more like a problem with an (outsourced) support person, who has no clue about the basics of Lr. I was asked to run diagnostics, which i submitted and not hear about ever since there embarrassing statement that Lr changes raw files.

I so much would like to speak with an expert support person instead of an in-between.
Apart from the black file problem that many others have too, i had never a problem with PR1