Q. Does PureRaw take into account existing .xmp sidecars? A: Yes!

After converting a bunch of 88 .cr2 files, I noticed that some of them were corrected for e.g. perspective distortions, crop and white balance as seen in Lightroom Classic.

All files had associated .xmp sidecars written by Lightroom. Files were dragged from several folders onto DPR and processed and written into one new target folder. Target file format: DNG.

Q: Does DPR take existing sidecars into account?
A: Yes, it does

I don’t say that this is good or bad, but I propose that

  • This should be communicated somehow
  • Sidecars should be selected too, when raw image files are selected - the current implementation only selects the raws when I “Command-A” in a folder that contains raw files and sidecars.

From what I experienced, xmp data is not taken into account for pureraw (or photolab) processing.

However, the data included in the xmp is included in the resulting DNG file.
So if you open the dng with the same software that produced the xmp, it will recognize its own settings.
If you open the dng with any other program, it won’t.

Just checked agains Capture One. It is as you write. Lightroom shows the crop (etc.), C1 does not.

I’m not sure that I like the concealed sidecar handling. If it must stay, it should be documented and be configurable in DPR’s settings imo. Hmmm.