Purple tones in the whites and too saturated blues on my RX100 VII raw files

Hi. I love the DxO PureRaw and I will buy it. The only problems in my Sony RX100 VII raw files are the purple tones in the whites and exquisite blue skies. That’s my feedback about it and I would love to know if that is happening with others and of course to warn DxO staff about those problems. The fact that RAF files are not supported is also annoying but I love DxO PureRaw. Thanks for your attention.

Welcome to the forum, Luis.

I have a Sony RX100 IV, and I don’t see that problem … Can you post an example (?)
Are you using the DxO Standard preset … or one you’ve modified yourself ?

John M

Thanks for your response. That’s not happened with my RX100 mark IV, either. I deleted those files (as bad ones) before deciding to register here but I will take some photos this weekend and I will post an example. The purple tone in the whites was a very very pronounced ones and the I used the DXO deep prime option and I do’t use presets. Thank you again. Regards.

Hi again, Luis …

Just to clarify; unless you’ve disabled these preference settings (?):

… then you are using a preset for each newly encountered image.

Note: Many of us refine/adapt this DxO Standard in order to apply specifically preferred settings.

  • For example, mine actually look like this:

John M

Hi John
Thank you very much for your attention.
Your post is very useful, thanks. I appreciated, I know better now.
I must say that I’m very glad that my weekend photos didn’t confirm my previous findings in relation to purple tones in the whites (and the blues tones question may be are just a matter of my taste).
And the noise reduction of DxO is amazing.
Thanks again.

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