PureRaw4 doesn't export to LRC what it shows in the preview

I send the arw-file (Sony A7r2) from LRC to PR4. The Preview is fine, but the imported file in LRC (it’s the same at dng, tiff or jpg) is not like the preview. It is never sharper, the vignette is nit gone and it ADDED heavy CA to the picture. I tried without the GPU, no difference. I installed PR4 again. Reboot the computer. Nothing helps.
What can I do?
My PC: Win 11, AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, 64 GB, Nvidia 3060 12 GB

You are out of order: Should be ARW goes to PR 4 first, then your DNG or TIFF to LRC .

Apparently, that’s exactly what has been done :

I send the arw-file (Sony A7r2) from LRC to PR4. The Preview is fine, but the imported file in LRC (it’s the same at dng, tiff or jpg) is not like the preview.

Hi Pat. That sounds backwards to me. Try ARW to PR 4 then to LRC, I know that it’s supposed to work the other way, under the right conditions, but I’m not aware of those conditions. I don’t use LR. I’ve never had any trouble with PR when feeding the ARW file to PR first.

I think that sending the file to PureRAW from LR should be the very first step. If corrections have been applied in LR before sending the file to DPR, they will be automatically applied upon return to the file created by DPR and imported by LR. You have to reset the image to get the actual result produced by DPR.

If you made corrections to the image in Lightroom before sending it to DPR, did you try to click on reset for the returned image ?

Hi Pat91, I’m not at my PC yet, but I will try this later. Yesterday in the evening I opend PR as stand-alone, imported a raw - file and sent it to Photoshop. The noise was reduced but the sharpness was not enhenced like it shows in the preview.
And as you can see at the Screenshot above there are heavy CA at the woman which are not there in the raw file. Unfortunatly I could add only one picture because i am new to the forum.
And it is the same if I export a tiff or a jpeg.

Warning: There is currently a problem with Sony lens modules (and in particular for A7RII/A7RIII). This seems related to DxO’s recent automatic consideration of shooting distances in Sony metadata.
The lens corrections are only partially applied, the bug fix is in progress (scheduled for the end of May).
This may be the explanation of the problem.

Thank you, gerato!

I’ve reseted the image in LR, exported it to PR, exportetd it back to LR, reseted the image again (STRG-Shift-R) and yes, the image ist sharper, the noise is gone but the corners are dark vigneted and there are strong CA at the corners. Well, I can remove them in LR but this was not the intention to buy PR. I hope, this is some kind of bug which will fixed very soon.
Thank you all so far!

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According to my own observations, it is especially the correction of distortion, vignetting and chromatic aberrations that are most impacted by the lens module bug. It is normal that noise correction is not affected (it does not use the lens modules).
This seems to match what you are seeing.
The bug correction is planned for the end of may by DxO…

Thank you again, gerarto!