PureRaw4 does not set ratings and develpment settings done/set in LR on RAW file before

PureRaw4 does not set ratings and develpment settings done in LR on RAW file.
In PureRaw3 this still works fine. Does anyone has the same problem?

Not sure what you mean exactly by what you write…but I’ll try anyways:

PureRAW processes the original RAW files, everything we did in Lr before treatment by DPR is simply ignored.

The things we did in Lr can be applied automatically by Lr, once the output files return from DPR - but only if the xmp sidecars are present and as far as the settings stored in XMP make sense.

The user guide describes what we can do and what we should avoid. Read about it here:

When setting ratings to a RAW file in LR or do some development steps in LR before you send the RAW file to PureRaw4 you get back the .dng reimported in LR but the rating the the previous done development steps (sidecarfile) are gone.
When you do the same with PureRaw3 the sidcarfile will “attached” to the PureRaw3 output when reimported to LR, so that the rating and previous delevopment steps are stil available.
When you say that"s a new feature “OK” but in my eyes it"s a step backwards and a bug of PureRaw4.

I hardly ever use PureRAW but tested it for the transmission of Lr development settings to DPR exports. Doing this, I found that the .xmp file is necessary, but have not dug deep into this matter. Instead, I use PureRAW right before I do anything in any other application or use DPR as a standalone app and sync the folder in Lr, once the exports have been done.

Anyways, if you think that what you observe is caused by a bug, you’d better create a ticket here: support.dxo.com.