PureRAW4 Advanced Settings

(I couldn’t find a thread about this topic so I opened this one, if there’s another thread discussing this I’m sorry)

I’m having a hard time using PR4 because of the Luminance and Force Detail slider. It’s not clear to me how to use these sliders. In all previous versions obviously these sliders were missing. But now when batch processing I have to set these sliders based on 1 file, but maybe other files need different settings.

My question is how did previous versions handled these settings? Did they automatically “adjust these settings” in the background? When batch processing in 2 and 3, all pictures come out great. But with 4 I sometimes have files that end up being soft, same file in 3 is perfect. My guess it’s because of the “advanced settings”.

Is it possible to “bypass” the advanced settings? Have PR4 automatically set these settings? To do a batch edit like in previous versions without these sliders.


I understand your frustration with the new Luminance and Force Detail sliders in PureRAW 4 (PR4). Here’s a response combining the best aspects of previous suggestions and addressing the issues you’ve raised:

Understanding the New Sliders:

Luminance: This slider might adjust the overall image brightness.
Force Detail: This slider might control how much detail is recovered or accentuated in shadows and highlights.
Potential Reasons for Softness in PR4:

Manual Adjustment: Incorrect settings for Luminance or Force Detail, particularly for batch processing, could lead to softness in some images.
Automatic Processing Change: While previous versions might have applied automatic adjustments, PR4 might require more user control, hence the new sliders.
Possible Solutions:

Experiment with Sliders (Start Conservatively):

Open a representative image from your batch in PR4.
Make small adjustments to the Luminance and Force Detail sliders, observing the effects on detail and sharpness.
Once you achieve a good balance, try applying HealthInsuranceMarket those settings to a small group of images in your batch to see if the results are consistent.
Refine the settings as needed for different image types within your batch.
Explore Presets (if available):

PR4 might offer built-in presets for different image types (portraits, landscapes, etc.). Try applying these presets to your batch and see if they produce good results without needing extensive manual adjustments.
Consider Batch Processing with Caution:

While batch processing is convenient, it might not be ideal for images with highly varying lighting or detail levels. If your images require significant individual attention, consider processing them one by one.
Contact DxO Support:

If you’re still encountering issues or have specific questions about the new sliders, reach out to DxO Support. They might provide more detailed guidance or insights into potential automatic adjustments in previous versions.
Here’s a response to your specific questions:

Previous Version Handling: It’s challenging to say definitively how previous versions handled these adjustments. They might have applied a more generic sharpening algorithm or relied on a combination of internal processing steps.

Bypassing Advanced Settings: DxO might not offer a way to completely bypass the advanced settings. However, experimenting with presets or starting with conservative slider adjustments might help you achieve similar results to previous versions.

I hope the information may helps you.