PureRAW3 sounds

PR3 makes a sound with every image that it completes processing. When batch processing a large set of images that gets annoying (even aggravating) very quickly.

Is there some way of telling it to work silently? I haven’t found any obvious settings or preferences dialog allowing me to do that.


I should have mentioned that this is on a Macbook. It doesn’t seem to have this annoying sound alert mis-feature on Windows.

I’ve never heard any sound from DPR. I suppose that notification settings of your macOS cause the issue. Please check these settings.

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Sound mystery solved - PureRAW3 wasn’t the culprit after all. Lightroom was the noisemaker - it seems to default to making sounds on every single image import/export when interacting with PureRAW3. Configurable from its Preferences pane.

Very strange - I’ve just confirmed again. When batch processing, there’s a “ding” sound after every single image completion. And there PureRAW does not show up in the list of apps for which Notifications are enabled, so I have no way of turning off its sounds via the System Settings.