PureRaw3 new version going to get worse. How is it possible ???

I use Pureraw 3.0 build 9 and wanted to try the new 3.4 build 16.
Apart from the fact that only deepPrime and XD are left but that’s not the problem.
The problem is that to my surprise the processed image is worse both in terms of definition and light management.
How is it possible ???
So i would suggest making sure you can just download plugins for new lenses or cameras but keep the best version.

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Please be more specific: What are the settings that you compare? Are they really set exactly the same?

As a new member of the forum, you are limited (for a while) in what you can add, but you could take screenshots, open them all side by side, make a screenshot of the screenshots and add this to your post.

They are just hidden by default. Activate through DPR’s settings: