PureRAW3 as a plugin with Lightroom 6.14 standalone?

Hello, does PureRAW3 work as a plugin with Lightroom 6.14? The standalone 6.14, not CC. I’m on Windows 10 if that matters. Thanks, cheers!

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You can find DxO’s official statement in this matter on this page:

Using DPR as an independent preprocessor works in combination with Lr 6 or any other app that can handle image files.

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Hello did you get run the Pure Raw3 Plugin into LR6.14?
I do get errors of incompatibilities…

Hello, on my Win10-64 System with Lightroom 6.14 and PureRaw3 Plugin its is not supported!
Is said "installed but only supported on Lightroom Vers.8 .
Hope DXO opened it on the latest LR Version without subscribtion.

According to this page, only Lightroom Classic CC versions are supported, which implies that non-CC versions aren’t.

Not sure that hope will help…but you could try with a feature request.

Thank you DXO, since Version 3.1 Lightroom 6.14 is now supported as plugin!!!

Oh wow, this is good news. Thank you TomS1, platypus and DXO! Originally I abandoned this thread as soon as I realized that I’d have to pre-process raw files with PureRAW3 before importing to Lightroom 6.14, as it wasn’t something I wanted to do. Now I learn that Lightroom 6.14 is supported as plugin, since PureRAW3 v3.1. I’ll definitely have to buy now… :smiley:

Test before buying! Also test PhotoLab for better control of sharpness and noise corrections.