PureRaw - WOW! what a game changer


My name is Steve Cerf and I am a concert photographer. I need to applaud you for PureRaw2.

I can’t imagine a bigger game changer in my work.

Your marketing department has to put a focus on concert photography. Because we are continuously subjected to VERY low light situations, we have to rely on very high ISO’s on our cameras.

PureRaw2 is the answer to my prayers.

Please take a look at a recent concert photo.

I LOVE you guys!!!




Beautiful work. I am pleased that you like PureRAW 2 so much. This is a DxO user feedback forum, but a number of members of their team regularly monitor and respond to posts here. Even if no one from DxO actually responds to you, I can assure you that they will have seen your very complimentary post and will be very appreciative.


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Hi Steve and welcome,

It’s a pleasure to read complimentary comments like yours. As a company DxO works very hard to produce the best RAW image development products in existence and I’m sure that they appreciate your comment. BTW if you like Deep Prime you should trial the new Photolab 6. It has Deep Prime XD which represents the next-generation version of Deep Prime noise reduction which includes more detail retention.

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And, as a follow-up to @rrblint’s comment on DeepPRIME XD, this new technology will also be included in PureRaw soon, if it is not already there.