PureRaw will not install on my second Mac (I should get support or a refund)

I purchased PureRaw last April (2021) and it installed and runs fine on my iMac. It will not install on my second, computer, a MacBook Pro. When I click the icon to install, the word “PureRaw” appears for a second on my mini bar but then disappeared. I worked with DxO support to get a solution and they have not reached out to me since July 2021 when I sent them the results of a diagnostics test they recommended I run on my MacBook Pro. I just purchased a new MacBook Pro and it will not install on that as well. It appears they allow the software to run on only one computer which is odd because I run DxO Photo Lab 4 on both my iMac and MacBook Pro with no problems.

They should help me fix this issue our issue me a refund since it will only work on one machine.

One license is good for a limited amount of installations. You can get in touch with DxO for licensing questions on this page: support.dxo.com. Scroll down for the FAQ.

The system requirements for Pure Raw are here:

System requirements for DxO PureRAW – Help center

Maybe you can confirm if your systems meet the minumum requirements?

You can install the software on up to 3 systems.

Installation issues. Have you reached out to support during the previous 5 months? Support is normally responsive, I’m sure a follow up email on your part would help.

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How many computers have you installed it on since you initially purchased it? If it has been installed on computers that have been replaced, they all count towards the limit.

I thought about asking him that, but it doesn’t look like he’s even getting to the start trial or activate using a S/N. It appears that the installer is terminating when run? Hard to believe this happens on more than one system (environment), unless the same installer was being moved between systems and was incomplete or corrupt?