PureRaw unresponsive if any process parameter is changed

Reported as support ticket #271937 but I have heard nothing back so post here in case forum users can please assist.

PureRaw v1.1
Brand new Gigabyte Aero 15 XC laptop (i7-10870H, 32GB RAM, RTX 3070, NVMe SSD)
Windows 10 Pro completely up to date (I checked)
Standard Windows User (no admin permissions)
Canon .CR2 files taken with a 5D mk IV

PureRaw processes the raw files very swiftly if I simply select Process Photos / Process. If however I change any parameter in the Process dialog window (for example to chose DNG instead of JPG) and regardless of whether I have selected one file or multiple files, all options and buttons become unresponsive apart from the hover-over ‘?’ help - which still works.

Task Manager confirms zero activity for PureRaw.

The only way to close PureRaw without rebooting the laptop is to give it the bullet (End Task) in Task Manager.
Restarting PureRaw gives the same problem.
So does rebooting the laptop.

Please advise how to fix.

Thank you.

A new version of PureRaw supplied by DXO Support has fixed the problem.

In case of use to Others; when I look at the msi installers the new one is 129,372 kb vs 129,316 kb for the one I originally installed from, even though both are notionally v1.