PureRAW support for Apple Neural Engine?

With the release of PhotoLAB 5, DxO is now supporting Apple Neural Engine (ANE) on Apple Silicon computers for DeepPRIME export, speeding up export times significantly.

Does DxO plan to support ANE in PureRAW?

If so, when could we expect to see an update of PureRAW that supports ANE?

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We feel the need with the next update for ANE to work with PR3. Now for 100 photos it takes almost 2 hours, too much time wasted.

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It is already supported, the problem is that there is a problem where it puts a purple tint in the output when using ANE

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I know, but as long as he colors the images purple it is unusable. We are happy that the feature is already available even if it is not working, but the $129 at purchase was fully functional.