PureRAW speed vs PhotoLab 5

I’ve been using both, and using equivalent settings in PL5 (DeepPrime, exporting to DNG with optical and denoise corrections only, roughly +1 global sharpness, etc), and PL5 seems to be at least 2x faster.

Rough estimates, 7-8 seconds per RAW in PL5. Closer to 24 seconds in PR.

Using an M1 MacBook Pro.

I’m seeing very little CPU usage in PR, but heavy GPU use. PL hits the CPU pretty heavy, barely touches the GPU. Is that a difference? Should I force PL to CPU-only?

Is PL set to use your GPU, Michael ?

Check here: image

John M

PhotoLab 5 benefits from the Neural Engine of your M1 Mac, which is not the case of PureRAW. That’s most likely the main difference.


Thanks, Lucas, that probably explains it like you said, as I’ve tried all 3 the options under acceleration.

Is that going to be coming in an update? The performance gap really shows up when importing 300+ images at a go, from about 30-ish minutes in PhotoLab to just over 2 hours in PureRAW.

PureRAW is otherwise such a nice win in simplicity.

You’ll have to wait for an official announcement, I cannot disclose any information sorry.

Got it, at least I understand the underlying issue so I can stop trying to troubleshoot. Thank you again, Lucas