PureRaw refund

I purchased PureRaw in late June, downloaded it and installed to find out the program would not launch. Redownloaded with same results. Opened a ticket and ran some diagnostics that I was sent and sent the resulting file back to email address I was given. After that nothing no communication at all. Opened another ticket and was told “We are working hard to find a solution, but as this is a complicated issue, we do not know when it will be solved quite yet.” That was July26th and not a word since. So how do I go about getting a refund?

I am rather surprised they have not offered you one. I would go to Support.

they used to be on the ball… something has changed maybe the accountants had ‘bright’ ideas


Support here has been quieter too, Constie.

I did contact them and so far its been quiet. I like their products, at least the ones I use and really never had issues until now. If something happens I will update.

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Update- Still not a word from DXO about a resolution to PureRaw not launching or any offer of a refund for the program I purchased in late June. Do they have any kind of customer support? At all? How do I get my money back?

It would be very unfortunate if you were forced to initiate a refund for goods not as advertised via your payment provider, credit card or Paypal. I’m astonished DxO is putting customers in this position.

I received an email this morning with refund information. Hopefully it will go smooth. It’s should not be this hard but it should be over.

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That’s great. All’s well which ends well. Photolab and Silver Efex are such wonderful software, it would be awful if business practices were to be a barrier to photographers enjoying these tools. Some people have really liked PureRaw though it has no useful place in my mostly Photolab workflow.