PureRaw questions

I am relatively new to PureRaw, Yesterday I thought I would wake up an old MacBook Air (2015) for use when traveling and decided to put PL4 on it. When browsing the Dxo website I noticed PureRaw and downloaded it as well. The computer is slow and processing takes forever with the Olympus raw images on this old computer, but the results have been nothing short of amazing. However I do have some questions about its operation.

  1. It seems that the software will only do both Global Lens Sharpening and Lens Distortion Correction when the DeepPRIME is selected. Otherwise you only get Lens Distortion Correction. Why is this?

I assume that DeepPRIME refers to noise correction as it does in PL4 but most of my photos are taken in good light and I don’t need NR processing, especially the time consuming DeepPRIME version of it, but without that and the associated 5 minutes/image processing time I can’t get the sharpening. Or is there some way around this?

  1. I assume that PureRaw was really designed for use before sending images to secondary processing like Photoshop, but the output from processing is really very good all by itself. Is anyone using this as the only processing for many images?

  2. One odd thing I noticed. I took a raw image, processed it to jpg using both the Global Sharpening and the Lens Correction and it also did a wonderful job on adjusting the lighting. I then did the exact same processing, but selecting dng as the output format and the software did not do the lighting correction or, if it did, it did not do the same processing as the dng was much darker than the jpg. Why is that?

Thanks for any help. I assume someone else has posted this, and I did a search, but did not find anything so if this is a repeat post I apologize.

Greetings, Mike!
I, like you, share your understanding of the problem.
I really hope to be heard by the developers of this program. Indeed, noise reduction should be customizable for the user’s tasks! Why should there be settings in noise reduction, and especially in deep processing in DNG.
First: because this kind of processing (noise reduction) can no longer be canceled in post-processing. This in itself is no longer true, since noise is not always the enemy of photography.
It is necessary for the user to be able to control this process. This is due to the fact that noise reduction still destroys detail, and the user is forced to sharpen when he sees the absence of small image details, artificially !!! This is not good, because trying to pull out the details in this way leads to loss of naturalness of the image and to oversharping!
I would suggest that developers give the ability to smoothly adjust the degree of noise reduction, or discrete at least, with the ability to completely turn off. Indeed, if the noise suits a person, then why should detail be sacrificed for its absence of noise in a photograph? There must be a choice! And he practically does not exist!
It turns out that this moment has been missed, although the program is really good and the very idea of ​​its creation is worthy of praise!
In my opinion, revision is needed, not even just necessary, but extremely necessary! So that users do not have any stumbling blocks.

Yes. Thank you.

I completely agree and do not understand why they made the decision to not allow the adjustments or to allow specific processing to be turned off for specific images.

I also don’t understand the decision to charge the same amount for both new and existing customers. I would think that existing customers ought to get a price break, and the fee for the software is very high.