PureRAW Over-sharpening of Olympus OM-1 Files

I recently upgraded to PureRAW V2 in order to process files from my Olympus OM-1. Even with global sharpening turned off, I find that the output is over-sharpened to the point of being unacceptable. Is there anything that can be done to turn down the sharpening as it looks unnatural and causes halos?

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Hello @skinnydipper ,

can you provide us RAW image (on https://upload.dxo.com/) so we can analyze it and have a fix ?


Yes, I will upload three images:

The RAW file of the Bullfinch I recently posted, which looks over-sharpened with some halos around the head.

A Mallard duck flying towards me. The chest of the duck seems very over-processed.

A House Martin. The bird is not particularly close so it’s not a brilliant photo, but there are halos all round the bird, particularly noticeable on the top of the head and the trailing edge of the wings.

Generally I find PureRAW works very well, but there are certain files which look over-sharpened and/or with halos.